About YCS

Young Christian Students (YCS) is an international student-run movement that empowers high school students to take faith based action on social inequalities in the community. YCS aims to form and develop lifelong Christian leaders who actively live out their faith through ACTUALLY experiencing what it is like to manage and organise a social justice movement on local, diocesan and national levels. High School Students are responsible for organising exciting meetings, actions, camps, and events based on formation, reflection, and of course action! With the help from adults and our Review of Life (SEE, JUDGE, ACT!) process, YCS provides students the structure and opportunity to learn through experience, analyse social inequalities, and organise practical, worthwhile change in our community.

YCS is a unique opportunity for students to freely and independently explore their spirituality through relating scripture and Social Justice Teachings to current social inequalities in a respectful and social environment. Students are formed to answer the call from the gospel and be active Christian leaders who take ongoing actions based on the mission of Jesus. This formation through action reflection with peers provides students the insight to develop their own sense of self and personal mission. Well formed YCS students have an ability to articulate their own faith, while being a living example of Jesus’ Disciples – living out the word of the Lord.

Alongside spiritual formation, students are formed in many practical lifelong leadership abilities which will assist them in all areas of life, at any stage of life. These abilities include skills in organisation, discussions, debating, short/long term planning, reflection, active listening, written communication, personal relations, public speaking, team work, agenda and session planning, responsibility, accountability, and time management. That is not even a complete list! Depending on the actions they choose to pursue, students in the past are known to learn skills in cooking, developing promotional material, maintaining organisational networking and representation, organising finances, gardening, and other mysteriously concealed skill development which they can add to their tool set!

In Australia, YCS is currently active in Townsville, Parramatta, Melbourne, Port Pirie, Adelaide, and Perth Districts. Taking closer inspection to Townsville’s district, the current YCS groups are:

  • Combined Parish Group*
  • Gilroy Santa Maria College (Ingham)
  • Ryan Catholic College (Kirwan)
  • St Margaret Mary’s College (Hyde Park)

*open to any high school student from any school or parish

Townsville YCS hosts two camps per year which allows students from around Townsville to combine as a Diocese, run a review on Townsville YCS, investigate relevant social justice issues, and organise Diocesan community actions. On a local level, students take regular faith based action on any social justice issue they are passionate about. Check out our Australian Facebook/Instagram pages to see their most recent actions and campaigns!

If you are interested in starting a group at your school/parish, please feel welcomed to contact the current Townsville YCS worker, Maigan Hayward. Her details are found below.

Maigan Hayward

Townsville YCS Worker 2015-Current




For more information on YCS, visit our website: http://www.aycs.org.au/

To stay up to date on the most recent news and actions, follow:

Australian YCS Facebook Page

Townsville YCS Facebook Page

Australian Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/ausycs