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Prayer for the Year of Youth 2018

Come Holy Spirit of this Great Southland.

Inspire our entire faith community, As we prayerfully discern new horizons for spreading joy in the lives and communities of the People of God.

Come Holy Spirit of Youth.

Fill the hearts of young people with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Enliven our community with the creativity, energy and joy of youth. Guide us together, as we strive to offer God’s mercy to those who feel abandoned or outcast.

Come Holy Spirit of Faith.

Empower our community to be courageous. Unite your people as witnesses of love. Walk with us, as we blaze new trails of discipleship, Accompanying young people as we renew the Church together.

Come Holy Spirit of Vocation.

Stir within young people an awareness of God’s call. Reveal to us the graces of young people. Guide us all, in finding our place and raising our voices To build a civilisation of love.


Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians, pray for us.

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, friend of the young, pray for us.



 Reflection on the Life and Spirituality of St Clare of Assisi delivered by Sr Anne Marie on the Feast of Pentecost at which Bishop Michael asked that St Clare of Assisi would be considered as patron for the Year of Grace in our diocese alongside Mary, Help of Christians.


Prayer for the Year of Grace 

Gracious God,

You have blessed this ancient land
with many gifts, especially its people.

We thank you for the Year of Grace,
a time to start afresh from Christ.

You invite us to contemplate the face of Jesus your Son,
that we may experience a new wave of grace,
and that the light of Christ may burn more brightly in our lives.

Attune our hearts and minds
to the presence of your Holy Spirit,
that our Church may be transformed,
our relationships be healed,
and our nation grow in compassion and justice.

With the intercession of St Mary MacKillop,
who showed us new ways of living the Gospel,
we make our prayer
through Christ our Lord.


Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.



Prayer for Australia

Father,  you reached out by the power of the Holy Spirit
through Jesus your Son
to show your love for all creation.
You invite everyon to share in your life
made available to us in Jesus.
You established the Church
to bring your good news to all people.
Let your Holy Spirit help us
to be the presence of your saving love to all.
May that same Spirit help us to proclaim your
good news in a way that is meaningful to people
and touches their hearts.

May we, like Mary, Help of Chrisitians,
have the courage of the cross,
to fulfil the mission you gave us,
no matter what the cost.
Sharing in his confidence and trust in you,
we ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Pope Benedict XVI on The Word of God 

'My dear young friends, meditate often on the word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher.  You will then discover that God's way of thinking is not the same as that of humankind's.  You will find yourselves led to contemplate the real God and to read the events of history through his eyes.  You will savour in the fullness the joy that is born of truth... The loving presence of God, through his word, is the lamp that dispels the darkness of fear and lights up the path even when times are difficult.'

Pope Benedict XVI, 9 April 2006, "Message to the Youth of the World on the Occasion of the Twenty-first World Youth Day')

Mary Help of Christians

Mary Help of Christiansthrough your total openness to God's Word you brought Jesus to birth in our humanity. As Mother of the Church, and our mother, you continue to present Christ to our world today.                             

Our Townsville Diocese has been entrusted to your care. With faith in your intercessionwe pray for an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit in every heart andin every corner of our diocese. 

May our leaders and teachers in the faith minister with wisdom and compassion.May our families be communities of love and prayerfulness.May our schools nurture in the hearts of our young people anopenness to God's Word and God's call. May our parish communities witness to fidelity and justicewith hearts open to embrace the stranger, the poor and the weak.

May we each, like you, ponder God's Word in our heartthat Jesus may come to birth anew in our lives.  Amen. 

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

Young Christian Students Creed

As Young Christian Students we believe in God.  We believe that God created the universe and that we, as part of God's creation, are invited to help complete God's plan.

We believe that the earth has been entrusted to us, to care for, to nurture and to respect.  People, as God's creation, have a dignity and worth beyond measure, and deserve to be treated with respect and understanding.

We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live active lives following the example of Jesus Christ.  We do this through communicating our thoughts, opinions and emotions and accepting and loving each other unconditionally.

We believe that our schools should promote these values through encouraging students to form and question their own opinions and beliefs, and treating each student as a worthwhile individual who has unique needs and talents.  Our schools should educate for life.

And we believe that Jesus calls us to live through actions, not just words.  Amen.

Young Christian Workers Prayer

Christ Jesus,

Help us and all young people

to think like you,

to work with you,

to pray through you,

to live in you,

to give you our strength and our time.

May your kindgdom come

in our workplaces, schools, universities,

and in all our homes.


Adapted from the YCW Prayer.


Links to Prayer Online

Daily Prayer Online -  This site offers guided prayer reflection, daily Gospel reflection, daily readings in mp3 format, daily classroom prayer, a thought for the day, and offers an opportunity to post your own prayer intentions and/or read the prayer intentions of others.

mp3Pray.comThis Australian webisite offers prayers on mp3 format so that you can follow along while the prayer is being read from your computer.  Prayers include the Rosary, Divine Mercy, Act of Contrition, Angelus and more. It also has a link to live Adoration, and webcasts of the daily mass and the Sunday mass.

Universalis -   A source of weekday and Sunday readings from the Jerusalem Bible. This site offers the chance to particpate in the Church's universal prayer and gives the liturgy of the day, the previous day, and the week ahead.  It also contains links to the various 'Hours' for the day and to the daily Mass readings.



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